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Health Benefit Manager is the code name for this pharmacy benefit manager that works with your health plan to get you the medication you need. It also aims to provide essential information about medicine, including how to take it correctly, potential side effects, any lower-cost drug options, and more.  As part of the UX team, my role was to design the web and mobile platforms and establish a Design System.


The tools

Sketch, InVision, DSM (Design System Manager), Zeplin.

Problem Definition

The world of health plans and benefits can quickly get confusing. It is a challenge for an average person to get access to essential information about their plan and medication. Our goal with HBM was to make it as easy as possible for patients by working directly with the health plan provider and pharmacy and aggregating everything into one easy to use platform.

Design System

Creating a brand identity and some reusable components to create a style guide

User Flows


Home & Benefits Highlights

Pharmacy Locator & Drug Price Check

Cart and Checkout (E-Commerce)

More Web comps

Mobile (Android)