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CaskTag is a wine mobile app for Android and iPhone. We worked with the CaskTag team and developed an MVP prototype to validate the concept.


Let’s take a deep dive and go through everything that went into the process of designing this product.



The tools

Pencil sketching, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch.

App concept

Problem definition

The problem addressed through this app is quite specific to the wine industry. It involves a vintner (or winemaker; someone who makes wine) and a cooper (someone who makes wine barrels or casks).

When attempting to collaborate with each other, they both lack a centralized way to communicate.

Winemakers should be able to easily order specific barrels from their coopers and coopers should be able to easily track the orders they get from the winemakers.

Value Proposition

The purpose of the CaskTag solution is to allow for casks to be tagged with a QR code and tracked from production through delivery with the ability to add notes at any point in the life cycle.


After gaining a stronger understanding of user personas and expected behaviors, I went over some sketches with the CaskTag team and we listed some of the key features of the app:

– Choosing which type of user you are (Vintner or Cooper)
– Ordering barrels (type of barrel, year made, wine type, wood type)
– Scanning barrel QR codes
– Messaging vintner or cooper
– Adding notes

Style guide

UI & Prototype

After we decided on a visual direction, we turned our low-fidelity wireframes into high fidelity prototypes of the user interface.